Church NewRegular non-conformist meetings started when Mr Coxe Feary first preached in Somersham on 17th May 1786. That day he walked to

Somersham, and preached, from Ephes. ii. 1 3.

For some time meetings were held in the barn, till, numbers increasing, and the friends there decided to have a regular place of worship. Ground therefore was purchased, and a ‘very neat’ meeting-house erected, which was opened in the spring of 1812.


Mr Fuller, of Kettering, preached a very encouraging sermon at Somersham, from Zech. iv. 10, ‘Who hath despised the day of small things? ‘ The congregation was so large in the afternoon, that it was thought expedient to have the service in a close.

Since then Somersham Baptist Church remained a sister Church of Bluntisham Baptist Church, until it became separate in 1998.

We celebrated our 200th anniversary in May 2012 by a parade through the streets in period costume, followed by a meeting at the church when a portion of the original sermon was preached. In the evening we celebrated at the Victory Hall with a barn dance.

More background can be found here: Church History


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