housegroupHouse groups are an important aspect of Church life. Alongside our time on Sundays they are an opportunity to meet together in fellowship, to deep our relationships one with another and are a key place for pastoral care to be offered and experienced. We want to encourage everyone to be part of one of our groups and look forward to starting new ones.
They are a place of worship and word, of praying together and of more in depth time studying the Bible, sharing with and learning from one another as we live out our faith. The groups are integral to the process of disseminating prayer requests throughout the Church.
They are also a place of witness with each group encourage to take part in the mission events in the church and in their local communities.
Whilst each groups shares in these purposes they determines their own style and material. If you’d like to join one or find out more why not complete the form below.
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They meet on:


Afternoon: 1.30pm – 3.00pm fortnightly





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